Integrity • Compassion • Courage
Grit • Craftmanship • Curiosity

Model Musky Pledge


The Model Musky Pledge was written by the students and staff in 2012.  This pledge keeps students focused and committed to the Core Values and Habits of Scholarship of AVW.  The Model Musky Pledge is recited daily by students and staff as a ritual that supports learning and character development.

We can be compassionate by showing others that we care.  We can be kind, helpful and understanding.

I will show integrity by always doing the right thing, even when no one is watching or when the right thing is not popular.

I will show craftsmanship by always doing my best and working diligently to produce work I am proud of.

We will work to the best of our ability by participating in class, asking questions and studying hard. 

We are in control of our future.


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